Inspiration in Everything

Inspiration seems to be a difficult thing to master. A lot of my fellow knitting podcasters talk about losing, gaining, or being at odds with their “knitting mojo.” I find that when I am stressed out, all I want to do is knit stockinette, a vanilla sock, but when I’m relaxed I want to attempt more complex and complicated patterns.

The inspiration for my own designs often come from nature, or the patterns in nature. I also find inspiration in the various shows and movies that I watch. One of my designs is inspired by the natural patterns from the Black Lake in Harry Potter.

I wanted to share some pictures that inspire me. The first was one that I took this morning. I am visiting my grandmother who lives right on a bay. Her back yard is basically a beach. There are rocks, trees, and even some ducks! These ducks make really interesting patterns in the snow as they walk around. The ducks were walking away from me, because I also had my dog with me. They didn’t want to play, and Kelsier did.

I love being here and watching the calm waters of the bay. In the summer there are always boats on the water, fishing boats.

I also find nature fascinating in the patterns it makes naturally. Bismuth is one of those things that fascinates me. It grows in geometric patterns. Even though most of the samples like this one are grown in labs, it still makes me want to construct a shawl inspired by it.

I also love honeycomb. I have wanted to make a honeycomb inspired pattern for ages now.

I find inspiration everywhere, but lately I have found that I get the most inspiration from my fellow knitting podcasters. When other people start doing colorwork, I want to learn. When other people make brioche projects, I want to make brioche projects. I always try to do something different than what I have watched others doing, just so I can expand my experience beyond just what I have seen.

How do you find inspiration?

3 thoughts on “Inspiration in Everything

  1. Every now and then I look at Fiona Ellis’ Webpage. She doesn’t blog, but she does a post once a month with nine Picture, then talks about it. You might find that putting the Pictures together in a grid can help you visualize what draws you them, and allow the Connection you have made to jump out at you! It’s fascinating to read about your process.

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      1. What I see from these pics are a fascination with strong lines, structures and geometric patterns, which contrast with the muted colours of the snowscape and underwater scene.

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