Always Looking Ahead – 6 Ravelry Patterns to get you ready for Valentine’s Day

For my full-time job, I’m a manager in a local handmade candy store. We are always looking forward to the next holiday, to prepare and get ready so that everyone can enjoy giving handmade and gourmet chocolates to their family and friends. Sometimes it takes weeks of preparation for one holiday.

As knitters, we are always looking forward to the next holiday or the next season. We are planning gifts, and trying to figure out where all the extra hours knitting them are going to come from. All aspects of my life are looking forward to the next holiday.

I thought I would share a small round-up of loosely Valentine’s Day themed projects that I love. Click on the pictures to go to the Ravelry pages for these patterns!

First up is a shawl pattern by Martina Behm This pattern is a little scarf that has a line of hearts on one of the ends. It’s an asymmetric triangle, with garter stitch in the main body. This is one that has been in my “to knit” queue for a long time.

Then we have a pattern called Heart Head by Stephanie Lotven I absolutely love the colorwork on this cute set. I think that I would make it with two solid colors to really show off the colorwork.

The next two are both patterns by Ambah O’Brien, a designer that I adore. The first is the Sweet Valentine Cowl, and the second is the Dark Valentine. I love both of them, as I love most of Ambah’s patterns.

Next is more subtly Valentine’s themed. I really want to knit this sweater. I have never done a colorwork circle yoked sweater before, it seems just challenging enough to me to attempt one this year, though! Maybe it will be the Ironheart Pullover by Robin Allen

The last pattern is for the crocheters out there. I thought that this was too cute to pass up putting on my list, given my occupation. This crochet pattern is called Box of Chocolates by Michele Wilcox.

Now, my question is, what do you do to get ready for a holiday? Are you always looking forward to the next one?

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